Current emergency services

Mr Roberts is always available for his patients, out of normal working hours contact the numbers below and a member of hospital staff will be able to give advice and then contact Mr Roberts for you.


For NHS patients in an emergency call The Barts Heart Centre Switchboard on 0207 377 7000 and a member of staff will be able to give advice and contact the on call cardiac surgery doctors to give advice. THey will be able to discuss your case with Mr Roberts


For private patients call the Harley Street Clinic 3rd floor  0207 034 8329 and a member of staff will be available to give advice and contact Mr Roberts for you

How to contact us

NHS practice

Neil Roberts

Barts Heart Centre

St Bartholemews Hospital



Tel: 0203 765 8689


Private Practice and Medicolegal

88 Harley Street



Tel: 0207 034 8962

NEWS - please add a review at I want great care

Mr Roberts is now registered with "I Want Great Care", a website designed to collect patient feedback and help other patients in the future. Please visit the site and add a review of Mr Roberts' care if you can spare a few minutes.


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